Rainy Day Delirium

Man, nothing like a dreary early spring day to make you appreciate the value of giant, kid-sized hamster balls. My friend recommended this as a parenting solution, and the more I think about it, the more I see the validity this option. Because there is nothing better than crappy weather to bring out the mayhem in small children.

Take my kids, for example. Today I had a completely different blog post planned. And then mayhem struck.

First, they figured out how to get the bathroom door open and snuck in there to shove things down the toilet. I have learned from our mistakes in that arena, and spent the next few minutes fishing out Mardi Gras beads, a wooden dog pull toy, and one of Sterling's shoes.

Bennett was completely soaked in toilet water, so I stripped him down to just a diaper. 

While I was occupied resolving that potential fiasco and scrubbing soggy toys with soap, they got bored and shifted their sights onto new options.

I came back out to the playroom to discover that they were using the kitchen set to practice their mountain climbing skills. Seems legit, why not use the heaviest, most easily tipped piece of furniture in the room to climb on? Who needs to see their next birthday?

I peeled them both off, and had succeeded in getting Sterling engaged in a book when I realized Bennett was being abnormally quiet.

With that creepy sixth sense that only a mom develops, I rushed back in to the kitchen set, to discover that Bennett The Wonder Chunk had succeeded in climbing the kitchen set on his own. And as soon as Sterling saw him up there, she scampered to join him. Yay.

This was the point at which I banished the basket that they were using to climb on, and put it in "Toy Time Out". My kids could care less if I punish them. But take away a toy that they are doing bad things with? That's when stuff gets heavy.

Both were so incensed that I would take away their favorite stepping stool, that they sat down in the floor and proceeded to pitch the mother of all matching tantrums. I took them upstairs for lunch, and they both continued to scream and wail the entire way through.

This was the point at which I called "Uncle" on the day and took them up for nap.

We are getting outside this afternoon, even if it means I have to wrap everyone in plastic bags to keep them dry.

I joke!


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