Climbing Little Chunk

Who us? Oh, we're just avoiding cabin fever today by climbing shit we're not supposed to.

See, it took the boy 45 minutes and multiple climbing launch pads, but he finally figured it out. Evidently Bennett is not going to let a little extra junk in his trunk stop him from defying gravity. And driving me crazy(er).

What he lacks in nimble grace, he MORE than makes up for in blind persistence and strength.

Which means obstacles that might have deterred a less determined kid are just opportunities for improvisation in Bennett world.

Yep. Guess who is going to spend a little time outside after nap?

A man with a plan, Bennett sizes up his obstacle.

He pulls his book/step closer and gives it a try, making it look like he is playing with the truck so as not to arouse any suspicions.

He ups his game with a better step. But catches the attention of SHE WHO RUINS ALL FUN. "Look away lady, nothing for you to see here."

He gives it a try. And realizes that perhaps he should have skipped that second helping of Animal Crackers at snack time.

SUCCESS! Trumpets are blaring. Crowds are cheering. And crap, moms are coming to peel us off. Thwarted again...

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