Mini Super Hero? You Be The Judge.

There are those who insist that my girl is a mini super hero. And this post is for you guys.

You see, I have to be honest. The best Mayhem by FAR is Mayhem that happens to someone else when I'm not around. Because then I have to agree with you all, that shit is funny.

Like the other evening for instance.

I had a Physical Therapy appointment, so my wonderful husband came home to wrangle the monst... er, I mean tuck the little angels in to bed.

I called home about an hour after bed time, and my sweet husband was still wrangling Demon Girl (my guess at her superhero name... I could be wrong).

Turns out, she had been in bed for about 30 minutes when she started yelling.

He came rushing in to find... she had hacked into her closet.

A little backstory: based upon past Mayhem, all of her furniture, clothes, and potentially deadly toys are locked behind closed doors in her closet. Each time I try a new kiddie latch for it, she figures out how to open it.

This most recent setup thwarted her for a bit, but the night in question was its last stand. Homegirl went after it like a Kardashian sister after a publicity opportunity. That poor door didn't stand a chance.

So once she got the closet open, she dug out her bathing suit and pulled that puppy on. Like any self-respecting super hero would do.

At which point daddy (the awesome toddler's arch-nemesis) came in to crap on her party.

I'm pretty certain her expression speaks for itself. But if not, let me try to translate. I'm confident it says "You think you are prepared to tackle me, big man? Think again. I know how to make a nut shot look like a roughhousing accident ."

Daddy probably ought to watch his back. It's nice to have a buddy with me on the crap list...

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