Hurricane Sterling Hits... Someone Else's House

So you know what? Sterling's mayhem is actually pretty funny. Actually, it's freakin hilarious... when it happens to someone else.

What do I mean by that? Lemme take a step back and share a little story with you.

See, my friend Christa does monster wrangling... er, I mean child care for me sometimes.

Today she watched S and B while I went to DC to look at houses.

Seems like Christa would be MORE than qualified for the task. She is both an elementary school teacher AND a licensed daycare provider.

So she kinda knows how to handle kids.

Today though? Well, let's just say she got a good taste of Hurricane Sterling.

See, it all happened at nap time.

Christa put Sterling in a Pack and Play to sleep. Makes sense, right? Only she put it close enough to a bed that Sterling was able to use the bed comforter to climb out.

Now, as I mentioned, Christa is an elementary school teacher. Which means she has school supplies. Which conveniently happened to be in the room with S during nap. Which might have happened to include magic markers.

I think you know how the party rolled from there.

Let's just say that Sterling added her Graffiti Chic aesthetic to the walls. And the bedding. And her clothes. And then she stripped off the cute little decorative border. And then climbed up and removed the sweet little name letters on the wall.

Yep. That's right. My kid. Super proud moment right there...

And not to be outdone, B did the tour of poop today. From the sound of things, Christa was in full-on poop triage in the few moments that she wasn't either feeding his little face, or pulling S off whatever she had just climbed on.

All I hope is that when I go to drop my little angels off on Thursday, Christa hasn't mysteriously picked up and disappeared into the night.

No, I mean seriously.

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