Public Restroom Cheerleader

I'm thankful for little cheer leaders in public restrooms, I really am.

There is nothing quite like the incredibly loud voice of a toddler yelling "Mommy pee in the potty, yaaaaayyyyy!!!!", accompanied by a round of applause to make you feel completely honored to be doing your business in the potty like a big kid.

Yep, it's the laughter from everyone else in the restroom around you that kind of tarnishes the moment a bit, but what evs.

However, I am not so thankful for little cheer leaders who peek under the stall wall into the next stall beside you. Because no matter HOW profusely you apologize, people still give you the "bad parenting" glare.

Or who helpfully open the stall door prematurely. Like while you are still in the middle of doing said business.

"Oh, hi there random strangers, let me just get my pants pulled up here before I run off to strang... er, I mean chase my toddler."

It definitely destroys the moment a bit.

In fact, it's been so long since I have been able to use a public restroom in peace that I have almost forgotten what it was like.


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