Wormy Little Book Worm

Sterling has a few books that she "reads" to John.

I put reads in parenthesis because I'm pretty certain we have read them to her enough times that she has just memorized them, but she knows them well enough to follow along and read them out loud.

For John.

For me, she is suddenly the ADD poster child. Every time I try to replicate his experience, she is all over the board. She mixes the pages up, everything is "fuzzy feet", and she constantly says "I so sleepy momma, read to me".

Meanwhile, the second daddy gets home, she excitedly scampers up into his lap to read to him. Again.

Now I could take this one of several ways.

1. I could take it as she is SUCH a huge fan of my exemplary reading skills that she looks for any excuse to get me to read to her.

2. That she is struck with random bouts of sudden dyslexia. And a pig foot obsession. But only when she is reading to me.

3. That she likes to screw with me.

I think we know which one it is though...

The first one, of course!

I should feel flattered that she is such a fan of my mad reading skillz, and I mean honestly, what's not to be flattered about reading the same book for the millionth time in a day?

But for the record, I now hate "One Fish , Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish". Pretty certain Dr. Seuss was on psychedelic drugs. And had an obsession with fuzzy feet...

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