So Glad You Are Mine, Sweet Valentine

I have to give credit where credit is due.

My husband is awesome. He SOMETIMES wanders afoul of the lines of what I consider acceptable gifting (such as the infamous birthday of the gelato machine, or the birthday of the emailed gift card), but he has survived nearly 14 years of marriage with me because he is usually pretty kick ass.

This Valentine's Day though, he outdid himself.

This morning, I woke up to a new play list on our Sonos player. Essentially, it's the modern version of a mix tape with all of our "special songs" and a few extras thrown in to keep things interesting. Yep, NKOTB AND The Cure in a single mix tape. Pretty freakin awesome.

Super sweet, super cute, super thoughtful. I loved it.

Then, around lunch time, flowers arrived. They were gorgeous, but the card stole the show. It totally will go down as one of his top plays of all time.

When he got home tonight, he asked if I still had the card. I did, so I pulled it out.

He explained that the mix tape was for the music I brought to his life, the flowers were for the light and growth.

He paused and said that for the rhythm, he had gotten us private dance lessons and my parents to babysit. You have to understand that for the 16ish years we have been together, I have been trying to get him to go dancing with me.

And he has just as steadfastly refused.

This definitely was the gift of all gifts.

The thing is though, as incredibly thoughtful and romantic as all of that is (and it is), nothing can top the two priceless treasures he has already given me.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie :-)

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