Stairway To Mayhem

So... yeah.

As you may know, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with stairs that started early with my kids. Like before Sterling could really walk SUPER early.

Namely, I hate that they love to play on them.

Which just makes them love stairs even more.

So when Sterling discovered her most recent trick, it really shouldn't have surprised me. At all.

But somehow, no matter how many times they make my adrenaline race and my heart pound, they still seem able to scare the crap out of me.

Which is why Sterling's most recent trick even registers worth a blog post at all. Because honestly, this isn't even all that exciting when you look at the overall mortality potential of some of the crap she has been up to lately.

But yeah, this one scared me pretty good. See, Bennett has discovered that it is MUCH faster if, rather than climbing down the stairs, he just pushes off from the top step and body surfs the whole way down. Logical conclusion. Not super safe, but I see the validity of his choice.

Plus, he goes down feet first.

Never one to settle for the status quo though, Sterling has decided to give it a try as well, but with her own spin on it. Namely, by going down headfirst. And screaming in glee the entire way down.


If this one doesn't put me in the padded room, I'm not sure what will...

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