Sucky Snowman

Sterling has a particularly endearing habit after she is finished with a meal.

In her own words, she "makes a Snowman".

Which means she takes her cup, and grinds it as far as possible down into the bowl of whatever it is that she is eating.

Then, depending on how distracted I am, she decorates it to varying degrees by taking the leftovers from the bowl and smearing it all over the cup and anything else she can reach.

It's awesome. Said in the most sarcastic voice you can imagine. And then add a little sarcasm on top.

See, with two little guys, I am ALWAYS distracted. It's just the reality of my existence. In order to keep them both alive, I am always splitting my focus.

And so she patiently waits until my attention is *slightly* more focused on Bennett to begin her work.

Picasso worked in oils.

Sterling works in oatmeal. Or Cheerios. Really, the medium isn't important. What IS important is the fervent passion she throws into her work and trust me, she does.

And because no Sterling story is ever complete without Momma feeling completely beaten and bedraggled by the end, in creating her Snowman masterpieces, she always makes certain to spread the love all over the place.

And by love, I mean food.

And by all over the place, I mean all over her seat, her clothes, and her hair.

Good times :-)

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