Monkey See, Monkey Climb

Know what's awesome? Having one little monkey that LOVES to climb.

Know what's even more awesome? Having two little monkeys that love to climb, with one of them showing the other all her nifty tricks.


Sterling has always loved climbing. In fact, she climbed before she walked well.

But she is super skinny and wiry. Bennett is not, and I had hoped all that junk in the trunk would help keep him earthbound.

It hasn't.

Instead, all it's done is give him extra power for the pushing. And because he is 20 times more persistent than any creature I've ever met, he has actually been a more determined climber than she ever was.

But without her agility, it also means he falls off a lot more.

And I do mean a LOT more. Like several times a day more.

I wonder if I invested in some concrete baby booties, would it keep him "grounded"?

And more importantly, where would one go to find concrete baby booties?

Because momma has already met her capacity for mayhem...

"See Bennett, you have to distribute your weight evenly on the activity table."

"Now, put your foot here so that you don't flip this bitch over..."

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