Playing With Fire

Sibling antagonism is an art form in our house, and it goes both ways. They each get in an immense amount of satisfaction out of tormenting each other.

Perhaps you have heard me talk about Bucket, Sterling's beloved blanket.

Right now, Bennett's favorite game is to wait until her back is turned, sneak behind her, and snag Bucket.

He then takes off "running" with Bucket.

Let me explain why I put running in parenthesis.

Bennett has been walking a scant 5 months and is built like a brick shit house. He is surprisingly coordinated, but it still takes quite a bit of momentum to get that much chunk really moving. And that type of momentum doesn't build up right away.

In short, my boy isn't built for sprinting.

It is a thing of hilarity to watch those chunky little thighs begin to pump when he is trying to make his "big getaway".

The pictures below tell the story pretty effectively.

In the first one, Bennett has snagged Bucket and is working on his victory lap. Sterling's head is blurred because like a momma wolf hearing the distress call of her cub, homegirl is suddenly aware that something is awry.

In the second one, Sterling's face says it all. Bennett's ass is soon to be grass.

And he knows it.

Thus he is kicking it into high gear and high-tailing it out of Dodge with his new contraband before she can catch him.

The rest of it played out pretty much as you would expect, thus no pictures. When it's Baby Lucha Libre time, momma has to put down the camera and wade in to stop the beatings :-)

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