The Great White Hunter

Bennett has been letting his inner Ernest Hemingway or Jack London out to play.

The only issue is that there isn't any large game for him to hunt in the playroom.

And so instead, my beautiful, amazing, brilliant baby boy has been coming over, crawling up into my lap, and clubbing me over the head like I'm a baby seal.

And then the little bastard laughs with gusto.

Yep, that's a photo of his laughing below.

Look at that face. Not a trace of remorse. Not even a shred.

Nope, pretty certain that shit eating grin is the baby equivalent of saying "Suck It, Lady".

And no, I didn't get any sympathy from his father. He just mumbles some bullshit about it being a fascinating example of "creative expression" and how "children are our greatest asset".

But from now on, all gifts that enter the house will be screened for their "Momma Bonkability".

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