The Perfection Of Motherhood

As a mom, it's the little things that really get to you. The wonderful little perfect moments that turn the light on deep in your soul and make everything soft and luminescent.

The way your babies have a special smile just for you.

The way their little arms feel as they wrap them around your neck and hug as hard as they can.

That special sweet scent in the warm little creases of their neck.

The wonderful way the word "mama" sounds coming out of their sweet little mouths, especially when it's meant just for you.

Kissing little cheeks, little feet, and little hands, the most delicate substance on earth.

The way their lashes fall against their sweet little cheeks when they fall asleep in your lap.

The wonderful timbre of a deep baby belly laugh.

The quiet sigh as they breathe in and out while asleep.

The way they snuggle in against your body and just seem to melt.

The wonderfully plush, almost boneless squish of their arms and legs.

The way their soft little hair tickles against your lips as you stroke your face across the top of their head.

The deep, soulful way they look deep into your eyes.

How every little birthmark, little freckle, little cowlick is just further proof of how perfect your baby is.

Knowing that a tiny little piece of you, of your light and your joy and your soul, has been passed on into this wonderful, beautiful little flawless creature.

These, these are the things that make it all worth it...

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