Do You Remember The First Time?

In parenthood, there are lots of firsts. First tooth, first haircut, first word, first time they throw their little arms around you and say "I wuv you Momma". But one of the most memorable firsts is the first step.

Sterling took her first step at 9 months, and everyone was impressed by how early she was. And Bennett would have beaten that... if I was willing to count it.

See, Bennett has been furiously chasing the walking dragon for weeks, pulling himself up on anything within reach. Furniture? Yep. The dog's tail? If she doesn't move fast enough, you betcha! His sister? Absolutely!

And Sterling has been practicing practicing potty training. Which means she is not really practicing potty training, but she LOVES to sit on the potty for long periods of time and pretend that she's practicing her potty training.

Any time I try to peel her little hiney from the seat, she indignantly proclaims "I goin' potty, Momma". Which entails looking through a magazine as she haughtily unspools the toilet paper.

Good times.

And Bennett LOVES to keep her company, because she is stuck in one place and can't run away.

So a few days shy of his nine month mark, Sterling was sitting on the potty, holding Ben Ben away with one foot while he stood and leered at her in glee.

After repeatedly trying to shake him off, she was finally able to liberate her foot. Usually, that means he lands on his butt, then begins the process all over. This time though, he stood there uncertainly for a few seconds, then casually strolled up to the bowl of the potty and grabbed hold of her leg again.

Yeah, she was pretty pissed.

So far, he hasn't conclusively walked again. There's been a step here and there, but nothing that I could truly claim as "walking".

And I kind of refuse for his first steps to be walking to the toilet to torment his sister. It just doesn't seem right.

So he needs to either come up with a better "first steps scenario", like running into a burning building to rescue a puppy, or I need to make something up.

I'm open to suggestions...

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