Moist and Meaty...

I am constantly surprised by what and how much Bennett will eat.

Having raised Sterling, the Human Fruit Fly Extraordinaire, it always surprises me at what will disappear down Ben's throat.

Sterling's defacto response any time I try to feed her something is to either refuse it outright, or to daintily touch it to the tip of her tongue and THEN refuse it.

Ben on the other hand rarely slows down long enough to taste what he is shoveling into his mouth. Honestly, it's kind of fascinating to watch.

Pop pop has a box of "Moist and Meaty" dog food that he keeps in the kitchen. It's a bunch of individually packaged baggies of dog food that happen to closely resemble cellophane wrapped bean bags.

Sterling loves to chuck them down the stairs and they make a satisfying thud when they land. Ben evidently has entirely different use in mind for them.

And I know, I know, kids eating dog food is nothing new.

It's just that I was fascinated not only by the teamwork to open said bags of dog food, but also by Ben Ben's fervent shoving of the dog food into his gaping maw as quickly as he could while his cheerleader squatted next to him and frantically whispered "EAT Ben Ben, eat".

Not sure if this a commentary on my culinary skills or a test of my patience, but homeboy seemed just as thrilled with his Moist and Meaty as he has been with anything I have made him so far.

Which kind of makes me wonder if maybe I have been overlooking a viable meal-time option.

What??? I'm joking, totally joking. Sorta. And besides, the dogs never complain...

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