Lunch of Champions

Yesterday was pediatrician day for the munchkins.

And in addition to learning that they were perfect in every way, we learned that although Sterling may have a full 5 inches on Bennett in height, she is less than 2 pounds ahead of him in weight.

See, Bennett is perfectly proportioned at about 80th percentile for both height and weight.

In comparison, Sterling is at 45th percentile for height, but 4th for weight.

This has been a growth curve we have seen for her throughout her whole life, and the doctor insists its healthy as long as she continues to grow, so it isn't a shocker.

But her diet does give some insight into this. Take, for example, exhibit A below.

I call this the "lunch of champions".

After attempting all morning to get her to eat something besides milk, she finally settled down at lunch to munch on a couple of whole-wheat crackers with some peanut butter on them. And by "munch", I mean that she scooped the peanut butter off with a spoon and ate that. Then wriggled like a mosquito larvae until we finished lunch and she could get up.

For comparison, Bennett mowed through a plate of 2 scrambled eggs and a veggie sausage patty for lunch.

They don't give you a percentile rating based upon activity levels, but I'm guessing that's because a 1-100 scale couldn't possibly capture the mayhem we have going on in this house.

So yeah, 4th percentile...

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