Oatmeal? Oh No!

Know what that photo down at the bottom is? That is what happens when you try to feed a nine-month-old something that he's not really in the mood for.

Such as oatmeal.

He shotguns it right back at you with a scrunch faced snort of contempt.

Yep, evidently today was not oatmeal day in Bennett's world. But rather than politely decline it like his sister would, he took a bite, chewed it thoughtfully, then sprayed it all over me in a fine mist of moist mush. Repeatedly.


So by the end, I was covered in this lovely haze of white gunk. And so was he.

Know what's even less fun than a kid who doesn't want to eat his breakfast? Cleaning off said breakfast from the kid. Because since he was at the epicenter of the mess, he had a particularly heavy coating.

And we are talking about oatmeal. Which means I had to scrub a thick, gummy, incredibly sticky coating off of BOTH of us this morning.

While he screamed.

And the only thing harder than cleaning oatmeal? Cleaning oatmeal out of baby leg rolls while the baby tries valiantly to wriggle away from you.

Good times...

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