Doors Stops Of Doom

Know what that right there is?

It's a naked door jamb. Yep, totally nude. Mark it down in your calendar, this is the first time I've done actual nudity on my blog. Lots of times I've come close, but this right here is the real deal.

Go big or go home, baby!

See, moving into a new house means lots of exploring of the new environment. And lots of new opportunities for mayhem.

Both Sterling and Bennett have discovered the joy of friendly, chewy, evidently tasty door stop caps.

And so they have spent the last week going from doorway to doorway, happily chewing off the caps.

Oh, and those caps? Yeah, they happen to be the perfect size for choking. Which means Momma has been frantically trying to pry them out of little mouths every three seconds.

Which has turned it into a twisted version of Hide And Seek for the little hellions.


Never a dull moment...


  1. Hi Caraline, my son did the same thing. I went around each door stop and super glued them. It worked for us. I don't know if it is enough for Sterling and Bennet; they are super humans after all :-)
    - Menchie

  2. Thanks for the tip Menchie! I will give it a try, it's definitely easier than replacing all the door stops :-)