Are YOU Living Your Ideal Life?

It's 9/11.

Almost everyone remembers exactly where they were on this day 11 years ago, some even have touching or miraculous stories to go with the date.

But this post isn't about the actual day itself, or not directly.

Rather, it's about what you've done with your life since then. The 11 years of life that you have been given that those who died in 9/11 didn't get.

Have you made them memorable years?

Have you lived big and loved hard?

Have you done things that scared you, stepped outside your comfort zone, dreamed big and then acted upon those dreams?

Have you wrung every drop of living out of the 11 years you've been given?

Because these 11 years have been a gift. A gift that those who lost their lives that horrible day did not get.

You wake up every day to a fresh opportunity that they will never have again, the opportunity to be the best you that you possibly can.

The best lover, the best friend, the best parent, the best child, the best version of yourself that you can be.

Life isn't about being perfect, it's about finding out what makes you special, what makes you unique, and using those hidden talents to give back.

I love to write. I write this blog almost every day not because I feel obligated, but because something moves me, speaks through me, and I cannot help but write it down.

I look back at my last 11 years and I am so grateful for them. I repaired and grew some relationships, and chose to let others go.

I made incredible new friends, deepened the connection in my marriage, and had two incredible babies.

I've survived some phenomenal challenges and come through stronger because of them.

I moved twice (soon to be three times), changed careers three times, became the master of selling a business, and wrote two novels. All have been wonderful learning opportunities in my journey.

I travelled to Tahiti, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos in addition to lots of domestic locations, and loved exploring each of those places (even Detroit, it gave me some great stories).

Have I had a perfect life? No. But I have definitely fit a lot of living and love into the last 11 years.

My point is this: 11 years ago, no one knew it was their last morning as they got up and went about their day.

But few of us ever do.

All that is guaranteed is this moment, right now. So what dreams have you been deferring, what love have you been holding back, what relationships could you mend, what pain could you release, where in your life is there room to be a more perfect you?

Because you control this ride of yours, you decide what kind of life to have, how to have it, and the kind of people to share it with.

So if the last 11 years haven't been exactly what you want, there is no time like today to change that.

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