Questionable Parenting

I wish I knew who to credit with the photo below, but since I don't, I am simply going to credit it to "someone with an incredibly fabulous, dead-on sense of humor".

It pretty perfectly sums up my household.

Let me give you an example. This afternoon, I was singing the praises of my friend M who totally hooked me up.

No lie, I *might* have skipped across the yard when I saw that M had shown up and brought the holy of all holies with her... a brand new Naughty Pen!!!!

Why so excited you ask? Any freakin clue how hard it is to keep a toddler in time out while your other kid is crawling up your back?

Nearly impossible. Like harder than herding cats impossible. Like Momma ends up a hot, sweaty, grumpy mess afterwards kind of impossible. I mean pretty freakin difficult impossible.

So anyway, the idea of once again having a contained spot for time out is pretty beautiful.

John and I were chatting via FaceTime and I was literally glowing as I told him about the new Naughty Pen. I was that excited.

He looked at me confusedly, scratched his head, and asked why I didn't just use the closet under the stairs for Time Out.

Dead serious.

Now I know him well enough to believe that he was probably just kidding, but when I questioned the validity of his parenting suggestion, he said "it's not like I suggested leaving her in there with a pack of cigarettes".

Yeah, because adding cigarettes to the equation? THAT would be the poor parenting part of this discussion.

Just to be safe, this is why my husband will never be a Stay At Home Dad. Highly involved and super loving? Sure. But completely, solely responsible full-time? Don't See it happening.

But it's also probably why we understand each other so well...

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