Yogurt Catastrophe

How did my afternoon go? Interesting that you asked…

Sterling found one of Nana's fancy smelly candles – conveniently located within toddler hand reach.

After forcefully wrestling it from her, I put it on the kitchen island in hopes that I could distract her with something else. She quickly proved how futile of an effort that was by climbing onto the island and smashing the candle on the floor.

I was stuck with a conundrum.

How could I possibly keep her occupied while I cleaned up all the glass... My brilliant solution? Buckle her into her high chair.  Seemed legit.

After five minutes of her screaming bloody murder, I thought perhaps if I gave her something to eat, it would keep her occupied.

We have been teaching her how to eat yogurt by herself, so in one of a whole series of bad parenting choices today, I decided to give her some yogurt to work on.

I swear, at the time it seemed like a totally viable option.

And the resulting mess was epic. I was fully alerted to my mistake when Sterling screamed "Ooooooh no! I messy mama, fun!"

Fun indeed.

SO earning my wine today...

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