We Bring The Mayhem

So today, I had an epiphany. My name is Caraline, and I attract mayhem.

I've met those that bring drama, and I've met those that bring unhappiness, but I think I may be the first one I've ever met who brings Mayhem.

It makes me a lot of fun as a friend, and coworkers have always enjoyed it, but it definitely makes for an eventful life.

I am always the one that those "crazy" stories happen to and with. Things always work out in the end, but the process to get there is usually pretty... interesting.

No lie, one night I was at a cocktail party and someone started telling this crazy story that happened to a friend of a friend. Well, as the story progresses, I start to realize that it's actually me who's the friend of the friend. And the truth of what happened was actually better than the story. It took everything in my power not to step in and "fix" it, but the story is embarrassing enough that I didn't really want to claim it. That my friends is Mayhem. Mayhem pure and simple.

I was having a discussion the other day with friends about random strangers exposing themselves. I have had it happen to me 7 different times (each time I was with friends who can corroborate). My girlfriends I was having the conversation with? Zero. Mayhem.

Warrant out for my arrest because a friend's check bounced (we split the ticket, she sent the payment in and paid with her check that bounced, and my mail didn't forward correctly over summer break so I never received the notification). Mayhem.

Deciding to sell your house with a husband who has gone back to traveling full time, and a dog with severe illnesses? Then having your infant diagnosed with severe acid reflux, and your husband rushed to the ER with kidney stones, gall stones and gallbladder infection? Mayhem.

Crazy toddler who makes life "interesting" enough for a blog? Mayhem.

The thing is, I am now good at surviving mayhem. I have actually gotten to the point where I roll with it with humor and always know that no matter how crazy things get, it will get to the point where I can look back and tell the story.

In looking over the last 8 years, my life has had a minimum of 2 major changes a year. Big life events like moving, job changes, babies being born, stuff that totally changed the playing field.

It also means that those few times that things settle down actually make me uncomfortable. That's the odd paradox of Mayhem, once you are used to it, you feel like something is missing when it is gone.

That being said, I have had enough Mayhem in the last 6 months that I could totally use a little boredom. Something tells me that isn't an option though ;-)