Like A Rock Star... Only More Trouble

This is how we do nap time at Casa De Hickman. Do we lay down quietly in the bed until we drift gently into sleep, and then wake just as gently, like a lamb on a soft spring morn?

Hell no!

We jump on the bed until our little legs are too tired to jump any longer. Then we crash. HARD!

When we wake, we drag ourselves, battered and beaten from under the bed that we crawled to sleep, with our blanket "Buckeet" thrown haphazardly aside, and a dresser drawer cast in the wake of our greatness.

And that thing with all the wires? That was an alarm clock, but that's before we reverse engineered it into a nuclear war head from our under-the-bed-mayhem-bunker.

Or maybe it's still just an alarm clock that we snuggled during nap.

You be the judge.

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