I Feel Naughty, Oh So Naughty...

When your girl wakes up and the first words out of her mouth are "I feel naughty", you know to buckle yourself in for the ride.

Unfortunately, when you are also juggling a 4 month old infant, Sterling's need for a little "naughty" elevates from inconvenient straight into holy hell can I get a freakin break here territory.

This is partly because the level, intensity and frequency of mayhem that a 22 month old toddler's mind can come up with is truly staggering. And partly because every time I have to hurriedly dump Bennett into his bouncy seat to stop Sterling from climbing the wooden blinds (again), he starts screaming bloody murder and seems to bear a grudge long after the momentary abandonment is over.

Sterling is in such a mood for naughty that she pulled out Bennett's play mat... and peed on it... while giggling like a nutter and saying "Bennett naughty, FUN!!!"

She has repeatedly climbed Nana and PopPop's blinds, and when I pulled those up, settled for climbing the windows themselves.

The kitchen island has had more little feet jumping on it than a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.

And my mom's book shelves and plant racks have been tested for their climbability beyond belief.

Oh, and the whole time she has done this? We have had the gentle lull of Bennett's screams providing the background music.

So now that it's nap time, I was hoping for a little break to catch my breath. Which was great in theory, but Bennett didn't want me to get lonely so... he only napped for an hour. Guess who is typing while bouncing the bouncy seat with her foot?

Yay for motherhood. Now, where is my wine?

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