Toddler vs Vacation Condo

This one was originally short and sweet.

Know what you are looking at right there? That my friends is a recent object of Miss Sterling's mayhem.

It WAS a door stop. But that's before S spent an hour trying to fall asleep and had some time to kill. Alone.

It is now a piece of modern art. Or a broken door stop. You be the judge.

The second one? That was a combination VHS/DVD player before my girl got hold of it. It is now a combination remote control/cookie holder.

And the third shot? Tonight, after the girl was supposed to be in bed, John heard what sounded like "she was sawing something".

When he went in, she was rubbing this hunk of metal against the bed frame. No idea what it is or where she got it, but pretty certain she was making a shiv.

In case you are keeping count, it is

Toddler: 354392929
Vacation Condo: -8