Toddler Traveling Trauma

Yesterday we flew with Sterling for the first time since she has been a toddler. Traveling with a baby is WAY different from traveling with a toddler. Or maybe just way different from traveling with MY toddler

Overall, she did OK. Except for a few noteworthy occasions.

1. There was the glorious (and mortifying) moment when she ran over to an unsuspecting stranger at the airport, snatched the woman's iPod Touch and took off with it, screeching "Caillou, Caillou Mommy Caillou". Everyone found it hilarious... except for the lady with the iPod... who promptly got up and moved.

2. There was that 3 second time span while I was busy trying to retrieve a snack for her that she crawled under the row of seats... and grabbed the ankles of a nice gentleman sitting with his back to us. His shriek was neither manly nor appreciative.

3. She was relatively good during our 2.5 hour flight. Unless you were the lady sitting in front of us who was trying to sleep. To her, I sincerely apologize. S relentlessly kicked the back of her seat. And relentlessly said "Momma" about a million times. Loudly. Over and over and over. I did everything in my power to stop both, but no amount of snacks, straight jacket-style hugging, Caillou or special toys were able to stop it.

4. That picture? That's my girl improvising and using her "Universal Boob Shelf" to hold Caillou. She also used it to stash her snacks in, as a hand warmer, and as a fun spot to play Hide And Go Seek with her crayons. In between kicking the seat in front of us. Who would have guessed those damn washable crayons would melt at body temperature.

Yep, we are those people...

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