Outmatched. Again.

Today, Sterling was entertaining herself by taking a running jump onto a pillow and sliding head first off the sofa, toboggan style.

Sounds like a great idea, right? I repeatedly stopped her, but every time I would turn my back, she would yell "NAUGHTY" and then "wheeeeee", clunk off the sofa.

I tried the "you are going to hit your head and that will hurt so you shouldn't do that" approach. No dice.

I tried the "if you do that again, I am taking away the pillow" approach. She just switched to a stuffed animal for the next run.

I tried sitting on the sofa and running interception. She proved that she is much faster and more nimble than I am.

So finally I threw in the towel and gave her free rein. The very next freakin thing I hear is the unmistakable THUNK of a little noggin bouncing off of hard wood floor.

I came rushing to provide the comfort she would obviously need, totally planning to use this as the learning opportunity it clearly was. I was already practicing the "this is why you listen to mommy" speech in my head.

I was more than surprised (and perhaps a little disappointed) to see her smiling like a loon. She looked at me, laughed and said "FUN mommy, fun! I do again!".

Yep, clearly I am out matched.

Oh, and the red spot on her forehead? That's where she hit it, so clearly it was a decent thunk.

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