Toilet Trouble

I have learned an important lesson in the last 24 hours.

When your toddler is repeating the name of a favorite toy and the word "potty" over and over? She isn't saying that the toy needs to use the potty, as you incorrectly assume.


What she is saying is that the toy is IN the potty. And has been flushed.

Which isn't discovered until a particularly nasty flush backs up. Like overachiever, Trainspotting, cesspool of doom level of nastiness.

And then suddenly her incessant ramblings make more sense, and when asked "Sterling, did you flush a toy down the toilet", she indignantly responds "Toodles potty. I TOLD you." with that endearing glare that fully implies my stupidity.

Uh huh, so you did.

Oh yeah, and while Mr. Super-awesome-super-expensive Plummer Man was out evaluating the toilet in question? Yeah, Sterling happened to have 3 unsupervised seconds alone with a different bathroom.

Want to guess what she did?

Yep. She redecorated.

That photo at the bottom? It used to be a faux drawer front and a sink knob.

Now, those are modern art.

And that happens to be in addition to the toilet that we now have to have replaced.

2 out of 5 bathrooms down in a single day. That's impressive, I have to admit.

This poor house, I wonder how long it will survive my Hellion Twosome...

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