Can't A Girl Get A Break?

So Bennett learning to crawl has added a new level of complexity to my world.


Because I had been thinking that my world could use a little extra complexity in it.

For those who don't have kids, let me explain.

Crawling elevates the game considerably. There is a certain luxury to putting a baby somewhere... and having them stay there. It enables you to do frivolous things, like go to the bathroom.

They may scream bloody murder the while time you are gone, but you know where they are. And this is a beautiful thing.

Once a kid becomes mobile, you suddenly realize how poorly baby proofed your world is, and how many different ways a baby can die.

It also means that nothing is safe any longer.

The transition from crawling to walking is another big one because it opens up a whole new vista of mayhem options.

Sterling was an early walker, but it took her a long time to decide she was interested in doing more than a step or two. She was a stellar crawler, and adamantly stuck with what she was good at.

She climbed well before she walked much, but once she walked, life got crazy.

I had kind of banked on Bennett being equally as complacent to stick with crawling, primarily because I needed him to be.

But if today has been any indicator, I am screwed.

Show of hands, anyone surprised by this?

This first shot? It was taken this morning. Bennett turned 8 months a couple of days ago. It's a little early for him to be practicing pulling himself up on stuff, but who am I to judge?

The second shot? It was taken a few hours later. Evidently we are ready to give climbing a try.

In theory, this is an evolution that should have taken several weeks. Not several hours.


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