Working Towards A Walk On The Wild(er) Side

We have a new entry for the "Caraline may never be sober again" category.

See, Sterling was an early walker. She took her first step at 9 months. It took her another 3 months to decide she liked it more than crawling, but once she did, she went straight from crawling to running as her favorite mode of transportation.

But I had seriously hoped Bennett would be my slow to develop child. Because I seriously don't have the bandwidth for him to be anything else.

And because that's how things work, right???

Your first kid is a hellion, so the universe naturally balances itself out by giving you a second child that is sweet and mellow?

Well, somewhere out there my doppelgänger is strolling around with two perfectly mellow, wonderfully well behaved, complacent kids and I got BOTH of the high energy, ornery ones. And the bitch showers regularly. And always has her hair and makeup done. And travels to exotic places with her two mellow kids. And can string two coherent sentences together in a conversation.

Wait, what?

Sorry about that, I got off track there.

Anyway, at 8 months, Bennett is already adamantly pulling himself up on anything he can find.

And yesterday (after the hell trip to the Library, I might add), Ben Ben totally shocked the crap out of both of us when he planted his little hands against the ground, straightened his little froggy legs, and went into a straight up quadruped position.

Ben is the personification of that old adage "where there is a will, there is a way". Sterling may have more naughty (although only time will truly test that theory out), but Bennett has more focused determination.

And right now, that determination appears to be targeted like a laser on learning to walk, because he is progressing through this process way faster than I am ready for him to.


Anyone know a boxed wine distributor that could hook me up with a discount? Anyone?

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