Sometimes, Sterling is so incredibly cute that it makes my tummy fuzzy. But that's usually on the days that she hasn't ground me down into a sad, exhausted little nub. The quality of this video is crap, I apologize for that ahead of time.

But this is too freakin' cute not to share. Like "I have had a shitty day and I need a bottle of Boones Farm and a bucket of fried chicken stat, but wait, let me watch this video first, holy hell, bad day fixed" kind of cute.

And watching this is WAY less fattening than eating a bucket of fried chicken by yourself, so I am doing you a favor. I promise.

*caveat* As her mom, I know that perhaps my opinions are a bit skewed. But it's still pretty damn cute. If you can watch this the whole way through and not smile, I commend you on your heart of stone.

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