Monkey See... Monkey Annoy

It's kind of funny how quickly younger siblings start to mimic their older siblings... and become annoying as hell.

Right now, Bennett follows Sterling around everywhere she goes, and tries to do everything she does.

His blind adoration is super cute to watch... and if her shrill shrieks of "No Ben Ben" are any indication, super annoying to be the recipient of.

Every object she climbs, he stands below her and repeatedly lifts his chubby little legs, screaming in frustration as he tries to follow her.

Every toy she plays with he instantly has his chubby little hands in the middle of, trying to play with her.

Anything she is doing instantly becomes the most amazing thing ever, and he fixates on it with single-minded determination.

He follows her around grinning in dazed, gummy adoration. And she disdainfully ignores him up until he becomes annoying enough that she cannot possibly ignore him any longer.

I feel bad for both of them. For him to be the giver of such intense, pure, completely unrequited adoration. And for her because she is the recipient of such completely unwanted, determinedly unwavering attention.

I especially love it when, unprompted, she shares whatever it is that she was playing with. Sometimes she is incredibly kind, and sometimes she is completely indignant with her screams of "NO Ben Ben, that's moine".

It will be interesting to see how these two work things out. Can't decide which one to put my money on yet...

Helping Sterling On A Toy
Taking Notes on The Correct Way To Climb A Treadmill

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