I Love Marriage

I love my life. I really do, its vibrant and interesting and rich with purpose.

More importantly, I love my marriage. And I don't mean that in a sarcastic way at all. Today.

I mean I honestly love my marriage. I really am married to my best friend. Someone who gets my goofy jokes, loves to make me laugh, and with whom life is incredibly fun.

But I am also married to my hero. A man who works tirelessly to provide an incredible lifestyle for his family. And who protects us, from monsters big (like old ladies who can't seem to find the brake) and small (my *slight* aversion to placing take out orders over the phone). And who always does sweet, wonderful little things like filling my gas tank and taking the babies grocery shopping with him.

He pushes me to be a better person, he supports me in all kinds of crazy endeavors that I dream up, he joins me on wonderful adventures and proposes even more amazing ones himself.

He loves me for me, the real me, not some made up me that I constructed to be "normal". And cherishes me enough that I am not afraid to be the real me, no matter how nutty that may be.

He appreciates my smart assery and my need for independence, yet understands that sometimes I still need a strong shoulder to lean on.

He expands my horizons, builds my confidence and pushes my boundaries.

I have heard the saying that behind every great man is a great woman, but in our house, we take turns being the one to help push the other higher.

He taught me what it meant to love completely and honestly and without safely ropes or second thoughts.

And together we learned how to fight honestly and passionately, but with respect and a genuine desire to resolve the issue rather than to be right.

I love how he has a passion for learning, and loves to share what he has learned with me. He has evolved completely from the man I originally met and that makes life with him so incredibly interesting.

Plus, he looks damn fine in a pair of jeans. Or out of them.

So yes, I love my marriage. It's been a winding road but a wonderful one, and I have loved having him as my partner in this crazy, amazing, wonderful life of ours.

My Two Gorgeous Boys

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