DooDoo Duty

In our house, we believe on chores.

At 2, Sterling is responsible for picking her toys up each night and not throwing things. She spends a fair amount of time in the Naughty Pen for #2, which is a chore for both of us.

Bennett's primary chore is eating. And being cute. I am waiting until he is a little better at walking, and then I am going to teach him to push the lawn mower and rent him out to the neighbors. Joking! Kinda.

Anyway, Pop Pop's least favorite weekly chore is cleaning the "Doggie Doo Doo" out of the backyard. Oddly? This happens to be one of Sterling's favorite chores of all.

Any time he says "Hey Sterling, want to help me with the Doo Doo?" she jumps up and down clapping her hands yelling "YAY, Doo Doo".

Yep, we are that family.

While he walks around with his shovel, looking like he is working on the worst easter egg hunt of all time, she follows behind him with her miniature rake and yells "Doo Doo" at the top of her lungs. It is both gross and adorable at the same time. And it's one of her absolute favorite ways to spend a morning.

Proud momma right here :-)

After a tough day in the Doo Doo trenches, Sterling relaxes with a quick dip.


  1. Gotta love her precious moments with her Pop Pop!

  2. They are adorable together. She is definitely one incredibly lucky little girl :-)