Dirty Little Monster

I have seen dogs eat dirt, elephants eat dirt, and I know earthworms kind of eat dirt. But until today, I've never actually seen a kid eat dirt.

Perhaps, my views are a bit skewed from raising Sterling, who doesn't eat much of anything.

Except for donuts.

Most days, I'm not certain she isn't a fruit fly.We will go whole days where the only thing I can remember Sterling actually eating is several cups of milk. And I'm not the only one, a common discussion in this house is "has she eaten anything besides milk today"?

Unusually the consensus runs something like this: two animal crackers, a bite of applesauce, a nibble of a cheese nip and a Cheerio. And lots of milk.

I don't know why it would surprise me that Bennett would eat dirt, the boy eats pretty much anything else that isn't tied down, and I catch him from time to time giving my parents' Pugs the "hungry eyes", but I never would have guessed that dirt would be an option on his menu of choice.

I would be wrong.

While I was busy vacuuming the floor, somebody else was busy shoving fistfuls of yummy, luscious soil into his gaping little maw. And looking pretty cute doing it.

And it was clear that he knew he was being naughty because when I asked "what are you doing???", he jumped about a mile, then gave me one of his characteristic gummy smiles, and a huge, deep belly laugh rolled out of that filthy little mouth. Not even a little bit contrite.

Yep, it's a two bath kind of day...

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