Urban Mountaineer

Today is one of those days. A "two little feet can't stay on the ground" kind of day.

Which means Sterling has spent the day climbing. A lot.

And I am exhausted from peeling her off of stuff. A lot.

The awesome thing? Homegirl is fearless.

So my parents 3.5 foot tall paper shredder that she fell off of earlier and split her lip? Irresistible.

Every time I turn my back, her little hiney has climbed right back up and is dangling precariously from it's curved top.

The most recent ascent to the summit? Done completely naked. Why you ask?

Well, according to Sterling's response when asked that exact same question, because "nakeed mo fun".

Mo fun indeed.


  1. Nakeed is more fun in a lot of instances!!! lol!

    1. Ha!!!! Very, very true :-) The child is a prophet ;-)