Play It Again, Sterling

So evidently, it isn't just Walmart that my girl steals wet floor signs from.

Yesterday afternoon, Sterling was such a hellion at a restaurant that I finally got tired of peeling her off of the window well, up from the floor, and off of the table, so I took her outside to burn off some energy.

Not certain, but it's highly possible I heard a collective sigh of relief from the entire restaurant as we left...

Anyway, she must have snagged this lovely piece of signage as we were walking out because she suddenly whipped it out and took off down the sidewalk when we walked outside.

It was slightly larger than she is, so it was a comedy of little spastic feet running like a loon, dropping this sign every third step, and increasingly larger loops as she circled back around for it each time. I have absolutely no idea how she got it out in the first place without me noticing. Pretty confident she has Mayhem super powers and used mind control to either move it... or make me move it without realizing it.

The awesome part?

I had no idea where it came from, so I was at a loss on where to take it back to.

Anyone missing a sign???

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