Methuselah The Indestructible Reconstituted Betta

Perhaps you remember this post from a few weeks ago about the Betta fish that Sterling fished out of his bowl and salted?

Well yesterday morning Pop pop came in shaking his head.

Mr. Betta had been moved out to Pop pop's office after the unfortunate run in with Hurricane Sterling.

Evidently while in his office, someone had set a pile of clothes next to the Betta's bowl. A pant leg from the pile had fallen into the bowl and absorbed all the water, and Mr. Betta was no more.

Or so we thought.

About 45 minutes later Pop pop had one of those "what if" thoughts and went to pour a little water into the fish bowl.

Within a few minutes, Methuselah started to stir.

He is now swimming slowly around his bowl. Admittedly a bit dazedly, but still, for a fish that has survived not one but TWO attempts on his life, any amount of swimming is noteworthy.

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