Adventures In Baby Feeding

I gotta be honest, I frequently think "man, this parenting gig is the easiest thing EVER... it's probably because I am so completely over-qualified for this job".

And to clarify, when I say "frequently", I mean never. Like not-once-in-the-last-two-years kind of never. Which, coincidentally, also happens to be how often I feel over qualified for the job. Or even qualified.

This extreme competence extends into feeding my kids.

See, I started this parenting adventure with the best of intentions.

I was confident that my kids would eat whatever I put in front of them and be happy about it. Nothing but organic, humanely harvested, local, sustainably grown fruits and veggies delivered in a horse drawn carriage to decrease the carbon footprint.

And then Miss Sterling was born and she had a few ideas of her own. As soon as we started solid food, her preferences made themselves known, and veggies belonged nowhere on the "approved" list.

We have found a happy medium, but it has taken quite a bit of struggle to get there. There is still a fairly extensive inventory of what she won't eat, her preference is the crunchiest of carbs, chock full o' the finest trans fats. And donut holes.

So when Bennett was born, I was CERTAIN he would be my easy keeper, my mellow child, content to sit wherever I put him, eat whatever I fed him and generally be a breeze to raise. Because I already had my hands full with his sister.

But the awesome part? So far, he has been anything but.

He is more active than Sterling was at 7 months, doesn't sleep as well as she did, and that eating thing?

Well, I will let the photographic evidence speak for itself.

Let's just say that as long as it is dry, crunchy foods, he is all in. Veggies though? Well... they say lightning never strikes twice, so I am just hoping that all early indicators are wrong.

Because otherwise, I am screwed...

Looks like I can add green beans to the "keeper" list.


  1. The expression on his face is priceless! I'm right there with you on parenthood. There is seldom a day that I don't think or say that this moment was not one of my proudest mommy moments because it rarely all plays out how I see it in my Happy Days mind!

    1. Amen sista! I swear, I keep waiting for this to get easier or me to get smarter. What REALLY scares me is when my girlfriends who seem to have it all together share that they are just as befuddled as I am :-)