Backyard Bathing

Although Nana and Pop pop have:

- a pool

- a kiddie pool

- a water table, and

- a sprinkler...

Sterling has a completely different preference when it comes to refreshing in the summer heat.

Yep, you got it... the dogs' water bowl.

No matter what other enticing options we may offer, she always heads straight for the water bowl.

And no matter how much clothing she may have on when the festivities start, my little nudist is usually naked by the end of it.

This used to upset Pop pop quite a bit, but after months of wrangling, I think he may have finally accepted the futility of keeping clothing on a determined Sterling.

I mean look at the ornery in that face.

This is a case where often, when you tangle with the tiger, she hands you your ass and you are left wondering what exactly just happened.

If that surprises you, clearly this is the first time you have read my blog ;-)

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