When Caillou Met The Dog Bowl

In our world, water is king.

Sterling and Bennett love puttering around in any amount of water deep enough to climb in and splash.

Kiddie pool? Yep.

Water table? Can a toddler climb a couple of feet to swim? The answer to that would certainly be "Oh yeah!"

Dog's water bowl? Come on now, that's not even a challenge!

In fact, my kids are so obsessed with water that if I am giving B a bath, S jumps beside me and chants "baff peese, baff peese, baff peese" the whole time.

And if B is in a nasty mood, one of the easiest ways to get him out of it is to plunk his grumpy little hiney into the closest body of water. He is all splashing smiles in about 3 seconds flat.

If there is anything Sterling loves as much as water, it might be Caillou. In fact, Sterling loves Caillou SO much that she has given any and all Apple products the honorary name of "Caillou".

Caillou's Inaugural Trip Into The Dog Bowl
So should it come as any surprise that she decided to combine her two loves into one?

Probably not.

But alas, this marriage of awesomeness was not *quite* as successful as that first combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

No, sadly when Caillou meets water, it ends horribly for all concerned.

Or at least it will until Mac develops a waterproof (drop proof, pee proof, crush proof, chew proof) product.
Caillou's "White Screen Of Doom" After It's Dunking

Actually, if anyone from Mac is reading this (it could happen) and needs the ultimate testing environment for new technology, send us one.

I guarantee that we will put it through it's paces, and probably come up with a few testing scenarios you never even thought possible :-)

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