Painting With Poop

There are days when you feel like you have it all under control. The queen of your domain. On top of the world.

And then... there are days like today.

Today Miss Sterling is feeling, as she aptly terms it, "naughty".

All morning I have been peeling her off of, or away from, things that she has absolutely no business playing with.

Those lovely plastic shopping bags? Yep, removed one of those from over her head a little bit ago when she was playing ghost.

The phone calls to Uzbekistan? Yep, caught one of those right before the call actually went through.

Climbing Nana's plant stands, repeatedly? Don't ask.

And Ben Ben is teething, which means I am distracted. A lot.

The culmination of the day so far?

After she used a tube of diaper cream to paint Nana's black Pug white, and I dumped Bennett to do some Pug rescue, the baby boy had a full blown melt down.

Which left Sterling with about 32 seconds of completely unsupervised time.

Evidently, this is PLENTY for her to poop, remove her diaper, and then use the contents to release her inner van Gogh. She painted the coffee table, the floor, the sofa, several of Bennett's toys, and oh yeah, of course: herself.

And Bennett screamed the whole time I cleaned it up.

Which took much longer than I expected because I somehow missed the bonus "paint repository" stuck to her leg. Every time I would get something clean, she would come behind me and "un-clean" it.

Super helpful :-)

The awesome thing about the photo below? You can see both her current work, and the "forbidden ink pen" designs from yesterday.

My girl is working with mixed media, quite advanced for her age...

We call this piece: Toddler Tummy On Early Nap Day

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