Toddler vs. Licorice: Momma is the Only Winner

Is it wrong that watching my girl eat licorice is absolutely cracking me up?

Sterling got a bunch of jelly beans from her grandmother for Easter and has thoroughly enjoyed them.

I noticed a licorice one in her pile and reached out to snag it, guessing that she wouldn't like it and would end up spitting a soggy, sticky black mass out on the floor.

The second I snagged it she became fixated on getting that jelly bean back from me. I finally decided there was no harm in giving it to her and so I handed it over.

What has followed is nothing less than hilarity. She is insistent on eating it, but keeps screwing up her face, shivering and doing these odd mini dry heaves.

Every time I ask for it she clamps her mouth shut and chews furiously, which only generates more shivers and dry heaves.

I can't help but laugh. Hard headed little bugger is definitely getting the worse end of this interaction :)

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