OSM: Is Nothing Sacred?

I have just spent literally HOURS looking for the TV remote today. Starting with nap time, I started hunting for the remote because I have an allergic reaction to watching kid's TV when the kids are asleep.

So looked in all the usual places: nothing.

I took apart both sofas, both arm chairs, and the desk. I emptied both toy boxes. I emptied my diaper bag, the coat closet and my laundry basket that was in the room briefly on its way downstairs this morning.


I got desperate and changed the channel by hand (took freakin FOREVER). I took the sofas apart a second time. I looked in the rooms that Sterling MAY have thrown the remote into. I even took apart her room because, after all, who knows when that child is going to master teleportation.


And then, I realized there was one spot that hadn't even occurred to me...

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