The First Rule Of Fight Club...

OK, so you be the judge. Feel free to pick your favorite caption for this one:

A. Seriously Officer, when was the last time you looked this cute with a hangover? But I swear, this is the last time I drink anything "Cooter" whipped up in the back yard.

B. I may look rough, but you should have seen the monkey. Don't judge man, don't judge.

C. First Britney, now me. Why are the paparazzi always the first ones on the scene when there is a "delicate situation"...

Or did I miss the boat completely and there is a MUCH better explanation for this picture...


  1. lol any of them will work. She looks like she wants to kick ass and take names... LOL

  2. Love it!!!!!!!! What a PERFECT title for your page too!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I finally caved to peer pressure and accepted that I have too much mayhem not to share it in a blog :-)