Daylight Savings: Fight The Power

I'd like to kick the ass of whoever the bastard was that came up with daylight savings time. He clearly did not have small children.

I write this as I'm sitting here holding my screaming infant son, whose already tenuous schedule is taking a beating from daylight savings time.

It seems that with all of the components that rely on schedule (nap times, bedtime, eating, and overall general happiness), jacking with a baby's clock twice a year really makes no sense at all.

Throw on top of that the fact that last night I kept both kids up later in a misguided attempt to "get a jump on the schedule change" (which in my sleep deprived state, I mis-calculated) and you have the ultimate recipe for disaster.

So they are both REALLY jacked up tonight.

I say we storm Washington and demand a stop to the time schedule changes. Fight the man! Clearly Bennett is on board. Who else is with me?

Yeah, my parents were hippies. Why do you ask???

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