Like Herding Cats

This morning I had a fight. With my 20 month old. Over what she was going to wear. I kid you not.

I love this child, she was born in this world knowing her mind and has not lost sight of her opinions since. It's part of what makes her special.

But when you're trying to make it out of the door and already running late, there's nothing quite like having an argument with your toddler over whether or not she's going to wear a top.

Especially considering that although her language skills are decent, she still is only intelligible for one out of every four words.

The discussion goes something like this:

Me: Want to go see Violet, Sterling?
S: mumblemumblemumble Vioyet
Me: okay then, let's put on your clothes.
S: NO Momma, no!
Me: Well, if you want to go, we have to put on your shirt.
S: No! No shiwt Momma!
Me: Do you want to go see Violet?
S: Yep!
Me: Let's get dressed then so we can go!
No! No shiwt Momma, so shiwt!!!
Me: Why no shirt?
S: mumblemumblemumble NO!

At which point she laid down in the floor and proceeded to have a fairly decent tantrum.

She then attached herself to her rocking horse so that I could not get the shirt on her.

The picture below? This is the outfit in question.

Hardly seems tantrum worthy, although her opinion is clear based upon the expression on her face.

Where's my wine... 

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