Puke And Rubber, Fun Times

I don't think for most moms, the rubber truly hits the road until they experience their first bout of stomach sickness with their kid. When they're sleep deprived. And have the stomach flu themselves. And have just been puked on for the umpteenth time and are trying to channel their inner Florence Nightingale rather than reverting to the sobbing mess that is their first inclination.

To give you little bit of a sense of just how awesome this is, I have two babies under the age of two and both have the stomach flu. And I have it too. And this stomach flu comes with a side of diarrhea. Which means I have changed a million poopy diapers in the last couple of days, times two.

And I am in the middle of a move to my parents house so that we can list our current house. This means that all of our belongings are heaped into baskets, bags, and other vessels for moving. And it means my world is in chaos.

A couple of my girlfriends have pointed out their (mistaken) belief that I thrive in chaos, and perhaps even seek it. I say that I thrive in change. I enjoy new experiences and possibilities and am always excited at what is around the next bend. And while I know a certain amount of chaos is inevitable in change, it eats away at my soul.

I like my change to be organized and controlled so that when life throws the curve balls inherent in change, I can react to them.

The stomach flu? It pretty much takes any ability to roll with the flow and craps on it. Or pukes on it. Or actually both if you are living in my world.

So if you see an exhausted, curly headed hot mess in the Pedialyte section of Walmart somewhere after 9 p.m. near tears because she has just discovered what she HOPES is poop under her nails, again, don't judge.

Cause chances are, the rubber is meeting the road.


  1. eww, sounds like the norovirus! We had it a couple months ago. I of course had it the worst and Mike got nothing except tired.

    1. Yeah, as fun as this sounds? Subtract about a million and you are close. There is some kind of nasty bug roaming around DC right now :-(