The Diaper Dumper

This may come as a surprise to you, but my kids have a bit of a tenuous relationship with clothing.

So it was hardly a shocker today when Bennett casually strolled into the living room completely butt naked, brandishing my little kitchen broom victoriously over his head like a mini nude gladiator.

The bigger question was where in the world his clothes and diaper had gotten to.

I wrangled Sterling and together we searched the entire first floor several times, looking for them. Nothing.

Sterling even crouched down and checked under all the furniture to see if he'd stashed his cache under there. No dice.

I had reached that point where I was almost ready to throw in the towel and slap a new diaper on him, when I remembered his chore.

I like the idea of giving my kids chores. Even though they still young, I feel it's important to teach them responsibility. Plus, I've only got a limited number of "free kid labor" years, and I fully plan to take advantage of them. While teaching responsibility.

Granted, Bennett's only real chore right now is putting his diaper in the garbage after I change him. But still, it's something.

As soon as I remembered that, I did the ultimate gross mama thing and went to dig through the garbage. Which unfortunately is something I have become VERY familiar with.

Perched happily on top, folded as if it were brand-new was his diaper and his shirt. And because I had changed him less then 15 minutes before, I was unwilling to let a brand-new diaper be discarded so easily. I have to be honest, I fished that baby out and slapped it right back on him.

After all, that puppy was likely going to touch FAR nastier things than a banana peel in it's service lifetime...

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