My Girl Is An AWESOME Sharer...

The other day, my girl made me incredibly proud. And by "incredibly proud", I mean "cringe in mortification". 

We were at an open play day at a local spot and I was happily chatting with a few moms I'd just met. 

A little boy with a large birthmark on his face arrived.  

Sterling immediately started peppering me with questions about what was on his face, how it got there, and why.

I did my best to quietly explain that it was a birthmark and that he was born with it.

She pushed for a better explanation, asking whether it hurt, and I remembered the birthmark she has high up inside one thigh. 

I said "His birthmark is just like your birthmark. His is just on his face."

She thought about it for a few moments, and then asked "So I can see it?"

"Yep, his is on his face so you can see it."

She sat thoughtfully for a few moments, and then that explanation seemed to suit her.

About 20 minutes later, I look over and she was standing in the middle of the gym with her dress hiked up and her leggings and underwear pulled down, pointing at her crotch area.

A crowd of little observers was clustered around her. 

I did the Momma Shuffle Of Mortification over to her, and hissed under my breath "What are you doing?"

"It okay Momma, I showing them my birthmark!" she probably proclaimed. 

Oh. Cool then. THAT makes this totally acceptable. Totally...

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